Current Series

Re-Thinking The Church

the Book of Revelation reads, primarily, as  a letter Jesus sent to His church. A circular letter which speaks as specifically as could be desired to each particular church then and now. So, how does this letter from Jesus to His church  speak to us Today? More precisely, how this Letter called Revelation should cause us to be Rethinking the Church? Join us as we read together Jesus Letter(s) to His Church and start Re-Thinking the Church.


What if we start really understanding the function God created us to be in His creation (Kingdom)? How would that change how we see and relate to everything in our life? Job, Money, Family, Body, Time, Church,….? Furthermore, what if we learn that giving is a foundational part of who we are as a Church and as Christians—because of who we are in God’s Kingdom and for what God did for us, THIS IS WHAT WE DO.

Fasting & Dangerous Prayers

1) What is fasting?; 2) Why should we fast?, 3) What are the Biblical basis for fasting?; 4) What are the different reasons/purposes for fasting? 5) What are the results of fasting? 6) How should we fast?  7) What does prayer & fasting have to do with church? Moreover, what has fasting to do with taking risks  and  spark in our  life to pray boldly, daringly, and with fire. Join us for our new series Fasting and Dangerous Prayers. 


We will reflect on how seemingly hopeless, impossible, and destroyed  circumstances in life can be great foundational blocks and opportunities to do something greater and better. Truly we can become UNSTOPPABLE

Summer Series

At the Movies is one of the most creative, innovative sermon series we have done so far—you're not going to want to miss it!During the experience, we show snippets of popular films and Pastor Eneyas "E"  uses them to illustrate biblical truths. Invite Family and Friends!