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    Everyone is An Unbeliever
    05.22.18 | Stories | by Jeff Vanderstelt

    When I say we are all unbelievers, I mean we still have places in our lives where we don’t believe God. There are spaces where we don’t trust his word and don’t believe that what he accomplished in Jesus Christ is enough to deal with our past or...

      11.09.17 | Stories | by Fabs Harford

      True gratitude bubbles up in your heart, and is pretty hard to contain. Your heart swells in admiration and love toward the one you are thankful toward and you cannot wait to run out and declare your thankfulness to them. The emotion is...

        10.02.17 | Stories | by Gregg Brekke

        We pray this day for the Sun of Righteousness to arise with healing in its wings, and rain mercy, grace and peace upon our broken people...

          4 Leadership Lessons from Nehemiah
          09.14.17 | Stories | by Josh Patterson

          Nehemiah is regarded as the wall builder in Jerusalem, and this is the theme that resonates in the book. But his story is not only about building the physical walls of Jerusalem for physical protection, it is also a story of building spiritual...