Everyone is An Unbeliever

    When I say we are all unbelievers, I mean we still have places in our lives where we don’t believe God. There are spaces where we don’t trust his word and don’t believe that what he accomplished in Jesus Christ is enough to deal with our past or...

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      How Not to Be A Racist
      08.16.17 | Stories, Missional, Culture | by Bryan Loritts

      Culture only has meaning in relation to other cultures. God understood this profoundly, and that is why Jesus came not to eradicate culture, but to establish a “Master Culture” if you will, called the body of Christ. This new “Master Culture”...

        Stop Just Going to Church
        08.02.17 | Stories, Missional | by Jeff Vanderstelt

        Pastors and church leaders were not called by God to do the ministry for the many. They are given to the church to equip the many for the ministry in the marketplace and the home. It’s time to equip and mobilize Jesus’ church out of the building...

          The Sacrament of Party
          07.07.17 | Stories, Missional | by Hugh Halter

          "Somewhere, everywhere, people are connecting socially. From the beginning of time and throughout the scriptures, God’s people patterned their lives around celebration, feasts, social gatherings, levity, story-telling, eating, drinking...