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    11.09.17 | Stories | by Fabs Harford

    True gratitude bubbles up in your heart, and is pretty hard to contain. Your heart swells in admiration and love toward the one you are thankful toward and you cannot wait to run out and declare your thankfulness to them. The emotion is...

      10.02.17 | Faith, Stories | by Gregg Brekke

      We pray this day for the Sun of Righteousness to arise with healing in its wings, and rain mercy, grace and peace upon our broken people...

        9 Things You Should Know About Solar Eclipses
        08.21.17 | Stories | by Joe Carter

        I don’t think it’s an accident that God put us human beings here on Earth where we can actually see total solar eclipses. I think God wants us to make these discoveries. I would argue that God on purpose made the universe beautiful, and one of...

          How Not to Be A Racist
          08.16.17 | Stories, Missional, Culture | by Bryan Loritts

          Culture only has meaning in relation to other cultures. God understood this profoundly, and that is why Jesus came not to eradicate culture, but to establish a “Master Culture” if you will, called the body of Christ. This new “Master Culture”...