Welcome to Northeast Presbyterian Church!


That’s a Church?!

When you drive up to Northeast Presbyterian Church you will notice that the architecture is not quite a traditional ‘church’ design. Originally designed about 45 years ago, there was a vision of ‘hominess’ and quietness built into the building. The hominess and quietness atmosphere continues to this day.

Something for Everyone

The ‘fireside room’is the main entry point to the Church. This large gathering place is used for the usual Sunday gathering, for the fellowship time between services. You will be greeted by our ushers at the door each Sunday, where you will receive an informational bulletin.

Worship service schedule


8:45am ‘HERITAGE’ (Traditional) service:

To get to this service go straight through the front door to the fireside room and then into the Sanctuary.

Tour the Sanctuary!

In the Sanctuary notice the extensive stained glass at the front and side windows. The church was enlarged about 20 years ago and the glass was the gift of a church member.

Sunday school and Bible study is available for all ages, with topics rotating every 6-8 weeks. There is coffee and snacks available between services. You are welcome to take coffee, bagels or your breakfast into the contemporary service.

Please check our Christian Education pull-down menu to see what is offered for different age groups!

11:00AM: The “REACH” (Contemporary) service:

This service is held in the Summit, a state-of-the-art theater that was designed for optimal sound transmission to every seat in the theater. There are 122 fixed theater seats with no seat more than 35 feet from the stage. Each individual seat is very comfortable and even has a small collapsible tray for your coffee and bagel. A multi-piece band and vocalists will provide lively, worship music. Words to the music are projected on a large screen.

That’s great but what about getting deeper into the Bible?

Check out our new Christian Education Experience! We have a class for every age group from newborns-high school students. Adults are also invited to join in on the experience. We have some great options for adult classes and we are currently adding more! Every class from newborns-adults have a curriculum-based lesson that focuses on teaching the Bible. Please see our Christian Education page for more info!