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Tithing? Offering? Time? Talents?

Posted by Kimber George on

Have you ever sat and wondered “What If I Could Do/Give More To My Church?”

The honest realization is that most people sitting in the pews on Sunday morning wonder this. A congregation receives a weekly spiritual recharge every Sunday morning, they hold bible studies, fellowship opportunities, prayer times, etc. However, when Offering time comes, we all reach into our pockets/purses and remember that we don’t have as much as we wish we did and give what we can afford. So we give what we can.

If you are like me, I was raised in a family that believed whole heartedly in trying to give their 10% back to the church. The realization was that my parents gave what they could. My parents raised 2 children on a very low/modest income. We did not always have what we wanted, but we always had what we needed. Most importantly we had a relationship with God, our church, and the members of our church. My parents were always volunteering within the church, they always gave in additional ways. They did not do this to make up for the % that they could not afford, they did this because it is about what you do for your church!

As I grew up in that Presbyterian Church, I learned that there is a definition in the dictionary to describe what a tithe is, what an offering is. But what about the other stuff you give, your time and your talents. My father taught me to hone my talents, all of them, all the time, for my whole life and never stop. Never stop learning, never stop investigating, and never stop trying to be the very best I can at everything I do, weather it is cleaning a toilet or anything I do at my job.

As a twenty something, just starting to really get out on my own, I started talking to all those church family members that I had the strongest bonds with. I wanted to know how I could feel like I was giving my 10% back to the church, when I was not in a financial place to be able to afford it. One of my favorite adoptive church grandmas smacked me on the arm and said “Silly girl didn’t you learn anything from your mom and dad? You already give way more! You work in the nursery on Sunday’s, you clean the nursery on church clean days, you help in the kitchen as often as you can, and I know you do more! You already give, by giving your time and talent back to the church.”

So the wheels started to turn, and I prayed, and what I realized was that all the time I spent at the church giving back in needed and scheduled ways was all part of my tithing and offerings back to my church. I wasn’t able to write the check, or drop cash in the offering plate, but I was always available to help, to volunteer, and do what was asked of me. All of a sudden my life felt fuller, and I felt that I had a deeper purpose with my church and church family, not that I was just a check writing member and no more.

The reason I have told you all of this, is not to guilt you into volunteering, or into writing larger checks on Sunday’s, but to make you think about what else You Can Do For Your Church. NEPC specifically, has many opportunities for you to be able to do for your church, and we welcome you to take a moment and think about where you might be able to use Your Time and Your Talents here at NEPC.

Opportunities to Help at NEPC:
Being a Deacon or Elder
Singing in the Choir
Play your Musical Instrument for the Congregation
Help with Wednesday Night Alive
Host a Sunday Morning Coffee Hour
Plan or Help with an Event
Help with the Children’s Ministry
Join a Committee (we have many to choose from)
Help with Harbor Youth Ministries
Work the Front Desk During the week
Be a prayer warrior

Please note that this is not a complete list of Opportunities available, we have bunches more.

Also, one of the items listed may have given you another idea on how to give back. If this is the case, reach out to the Office and Speak with Kimber or Pastor E and lets see if we can make it happen!

So, the next time you wonder “What If I Could Do/Give More To My Church?” You Can!!



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