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To be concerned, ahead of the game, proactive, and preoccupied. All of these are different ways to say that, in one way or another, we are all anxious about something in life. In fact, Whenever we plan something and that something does not go according to our plans anxiety starts to build...

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Have you been deeply hurt by someone? Furthermore, how have you dealt with your hurt? My guess is that your first natural response was not forgiveness, was it? Someone once said that,  “…to make a mistake is human, to forgive is out of the question.” I think that is very...

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  Northeast ATM - Week 2 - Faith When everything seems to be going according to the plans, it is easy to pray and easy to have what we call “faith.” It is easy to believe we can accomplish a number of things in life. In the movie Evan Almighty, Steve Carrell, plays Evan...